What is Across The Culture?

Across The Culture (ATC) is a network journalism site that offers new angles on today’s global pop culture conversations and starts new ones where no one is looking.

ATC strongly believes in the give-and-take relationship between “the culture” and the people. There are moments where people bully the culture into awkward corners (e.g. hip-hop’s musical boundaries). There are also moments where the culture stands its ground and makes people do shit they never thought they’d be doing (e.g. everyone yelling “fake news” at each other). From short-lived Twitter trends to global politics, we do our best to track this ebb and flow between people and the big shapeless mass of opinions, attitudes, current events, and trends we call culture.

Content Principle

ATC publishes non-hateful content that adds something valuable to existing conversations, or starts new ones altogether.

“Even a piece by a Trump supporter? Or a conflicted homophobe?”

Yes, contributors with controversial perspectives who are not actively promoting -isms and phobias in their content can publish on ATC.

About Zander

Founder and Editor Zander Tsadwa is an active social critic, author, speaker, and artist with a passion for driving conversation on societal issues. Reach out to him with questions, comments, or guest writer pitches at zander@acrosstheculture.com

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